Sakhimfundo is a joint venture involving Gumboots SA, Gumboots UK, Kidlinks World Inc in the USA and the Kadey Family Charitable Corp in Canada (KCC) which provides a much needed home for Sigya Sonke Dance Group and an educational support programme for children and young people.

The dancers are now able to rehearse and to receive educational support, focusing primarily on reading and maths. This spacious new location continues to change the lives of these talented children.

The children arrive at Sakhimfundo at 3pm at the end of their school day where a hot, wholesome meal awaits them … you cannot study on an empty stomach! Classes commence in the new Learning Centre with online lessons supervised by 11 tutors, and it transforms into a quiet space, enabling them to supplement and uplift their academic performance. Once lessons are over, the centre again becomes a vibrant, thrumming, dancing hive of activity under the tutorship of Jack Letsoela and his talented son Zenzele.

Sakhimfundo is now a centre of excellence, providing a stable balance of mental stimulation, physical activity, healthy meals and emotional support … all in safe and beautiful surroundings of lawns, trees and vegetable gardens.




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